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Winslow Images is Jack Winslow. I do Real Estate Photography from Reno, Nevada and serve the Northern Nevada, Lake Tahoe and Truckee markets.

You can reach me at jack@winslowimages.com or by calling 775-420-4522

Jack Winslow

Jack Winslow

In September 1973 I took my first photography class at Foothill College in the San Francisco Bay Area. We learned to shoot in black and white using film and processed our photos in a dark room. My first instructor told us “The colors of photography are black and white. If you want to take great color photos, learn to take great black and white photos first. It teaches you to see light.” Unlike most of my later instructors who wanted to teach us to be commercial photographers, she taught photography as an art and taught us to see the light as artists.

I was instantly hooked. I loved the entire process of looking for a subject, composing and taking the photo and then coming back to the darkroom and seeing it appear on paper. As I continued my journey in photography I frequently remembered what she taught us about using light and composition to create art.

Eventually film gave way to digital, darkrooms gave way to computers and black and white became a lost art.  The advances that caused these changes allow us to do things in photography that were not possible when I first started. However, the fundamentals of composition and light have not changed.  What I learned by shooting black and white film and processing in a darkroom has an effect on every photo I take today.

— Shrdlu